Self Talkative: How to motivate yourself to be better speaker

Plenty of public speaker aficionados and experts in the field of communication will tell you that public speaking is more mind over matter than anything else, and the nuts and bolts of the actual art form isn’t about technique at all.

Instead, those same individuals argue that the best form of overcoming your fear of public speaking and hurdling it once and for all is self talk and the ability to motivate from within more than anything else.

What this practice is referred to as if framing or asking opened ended questions in preparation for giving a speech. Now, this isn’t to suggest that other means of public speaking success aren’t advisable, either.

That means if you’re practicing, for instance, you already have a leg up on the others who are trying to fight back against the trials and tribulations of public speaking. You also should go into any speaking engagement fully focused on the crowd, specifically who exactly comprises your audience so that the content, tone and language are on par with their level of expertise and knowledge in the particular topic at hand.

But the self talk remains key, because it takes that aforementioned “mind over matter” and allows you to push beyond what you originally thought was your limit as far as public speaking goes.

A lot of what ails those who are challenged at public speaking is fear of failure or wondering aloud what is going to happen if you bomb a particular speech or presentation. Your fear allows you to think in a frame of mind that isn’t positive and thus you subconsciously set yourself up for failure before you even have a chance to walk to the podium and utter one simple word.

Some would call this envisioning success or actually closing your eyes and seeing yourself giving a knockout speech, rather than flubbing a line or forgetting to follow through on a point that needs to be made.

If the idea of self talk seems a little to abstract, you’re not taking into consideration just how fearful or anxious speaking publicly can make you. And with practice and a clear head and a mindset of scoring a superb speech, you can literally will yourself to a speech you always had in you but was subdued and pushed downward due to a lack of confidence.

A simple pep talk from within is all you’ll need to start speaking publicly and putting any doubt you have about yourself and your ability in the back row.