Public Speaking Topics

Public Speaking Topics

Public Speaking Topics – Topics for public speaking

Public speaking topics are extremely important. The topics for public speaking are going to shift what your audience expect to hear from your planned speech. A public speaking topic can either bore your audience into nonexistence or excite them to overfilling the room. So choose wisely.

You may want to keep the following in mind when planning your public speaking topics. Who is your audience? What kind of interests do they have? If I were one of them and probably you are what’s something that I would consider a cannot miss presentation. “The customer is always right” is a business phrase that many successful businesses have based themselves around. The same is true when it’s about topics for public speaking. So bare the following in mind when choosing a public speaking topic…

Al GoreYou are going to have to tickle the ears of your audience so they are interested in your public speaking topics. This may be done with something that makes them feel good, illustrations or even something that contains an alarming warning. Former Vice President Al Gore has attracted much attention to his documentary movie “An Inconvenient Truth”. He’s more concerned with the environment however those who have come to see his documentary are probably interested in the political aspect of his movie. Well he’s got their attention and we can learn something from this. With your public speaking topics you may have a goal to get a certain message across. We got that and that’s important. However you may need to use an attracting attention getter to reel your audience in.

Some topics for public speaking have been prefaced with something like “Get a Free Gift” after this presentation. Is this really a good thing? I have to disagree personally. First off, what kind of an audience are you attracting? Isn’t it one that is really interested in only getting something? Maybe they’re even financially challenged. That’s mostly all you’re going to find. And if your public speaking topic has a call to action that you’re trying to stress to everybody who’s attended you basically have an audience of (excuse the expression) lazy bums. That’s not what we want for our public speaking topics.

So what is it that we want? Let’s say we are trying to reach out to an audience of investors who have some cash to invest. Would a good pre-face be to offer something free at the end of the next presentation? Definitely not we’ve gone over this. How about a topic like “Secrets of the Billionaire Investor”? Now that’s more like it. Public speaking topics like that one will bring in an audience that is curious about what kind of secrets you have to share with them.

They say “first impressions are important” and that is definitely true when it comes to your public speaking topics. We want the impression before you even start to speak to be a vehicle for you. A vehicle that drives the right audience to your presentation.

Keep these public speaking tips in mind and always remember to choose wisely when selecting your public speaking topics.