Public Speaking Tips

Public Speaking stage

Public Speaking! The idea sends shivers down the back of most Americans. In a public survey that was done it was found that the number one fear of those who reside in the USA was, drumroll please, public speaking. Right behind public speaking was the fear of death. I was shocked to find this out but it is a true statistic that was conducted. Personally I’d rather choose from a list of public speaking topics and prepare a presentation than have to die.

But what is it about public speaking that people fear? Is it the fear of an audience of eyes all focused on one person, you? Or could it simply be that we fear messing up in what is supposed to be a serious and professional act? It’s probably a mixture of these things. And for each person and situation it does differ.

However public speaking is not as scary as we perceive it to be. In fact, most who speak publicly on a structured subject can’t wait to give their next speech. A gratifying feeling can result from those who bury their fear of public speaking and grab the bull by the horns.

Your first experience with public speaking might not turn out to be the professional outing that you had hoped for. Possibly it could even turn out to be a complete failure in your own eyes. Really that is not the case. If you in your own eyes fail completely the only way to go is up. Here’s another public speaking tip. Think positively not negatively about your public speaking. If you can make an improvement in your next speech that’s something to be positive about. Nobody starts as a perfect speaker. Much practice goes into becoming a good public speaker. Many good public speaker’s will tell you they were not born with the gift. It was something that they had to work hard at to acquire.

So the key that we will look to focus on is practicing before you speak publicly. I’m reminded of a former president who spoke publicly and his words seriously were tearjerker’s. How is he able to do this? His secret was practicing his speech over and over again to rid himself of public speaking anxiety. That’s something that all public speakers have to do.

Here’s the goal of our site… Simply put, it’s to help you to master the fear of public speaking and become better at it. You’ll learn things like how to be a master at illustrations. True you or no one else will be able to completely get over the fear or become the most eloquent speaker but by focusing on these elements we’ll be able to control our fear and become even better at the quality of public speaking.