Frozen Dope: How to overcome anxiety of public speaking

You’ve heard the expression that, aside from fear of dying, people are afraid of public speaking more than anything else they can imagine.
For those who are adept at public speaking and do it as if it is just as natural as breathing, they can’t really fathom what exactly the big deal is when you talk about talking in front of others.
What that group fails to understand is that they’re good at public speaking because they’ve done it over and over again, and that practice in this case makes perfect, or at least more competent than the average person dealt the hand of speaking in front of a crowd.
So how exactly can public speaking anxiety be over come? Or is this something that you’re either good at or bad at, with little to no middle ground whatsoever?
The truth is public speaking should be something that most business professionals should at least be able to do without being not only fearful but efficient enough to more than just get by, but getting to that point means not only practice but perfecting the art form of speaking publicly beyond just doing it over and over again.
For instance, your practice shouldn’t just be trying and failing or trying and doing fine, but devising a speech and actually practicing at home in private or in front of a mirror. While this might sound mundane to some or even a little silly (as if you’re playing dress up or make believe at home), this technique is sound and effective.
In addition, when you’re putting together a speech or even volunteering to do one for the good of the company or your team, make sure it is a topic you are passionate about or at least one you know enough about that your proficiency in information can overtake and masque your inability to speak publicly all that well.
And whatever you do, don’t tell joke or let the audience know you’re nervous. It’s not only unprofessional but you aren’t Jerry Seinfeld or George Carlin, and making jokes, especially the ones that don’t land, aren’t going to help with the situation whatsoever. If anything, the bad jokes and canned humor is going to lead you to be even more nervous than you were the first time around, and thus take away from what’s left of your speech.
Speaking in front of a crowd, for some, is never going to be easy. That doesn’t mean, however, it has to be so difficult that you’re incapable of doing it, particularly if you dial it down and follow basic principles to pass the public speaking test.