Fear Factoring: Why most people have such trouble speaking publicly

Public speaking is a real fear of most. In fact, aside from your own mortality, speaking in public is a close second on the biggest fears most individuals have on a daily basis.

Imagine that stringing a few words together in front of a group is almost as worrisome and scary as death.

Anyone who has struggled with public speaking or outright avoided it realizes there are plenty of reasons why you do so.

Most of it centers on anxiety and being in front of a group of people, generally speaking. What makes matters worse is not only is the situation fearful for you but you also have that concern that people know that you are nervous, the proverbial double edged sword of sorts.

Also, if you aren’t sure of your subject matter or exactly how to deliver your message, your nerves and thus your motor skills and just the simple act of speaking will not cooperate whatsoever.

Finally, if you’ve tried to speak publicly before, let’s say for example at a board meeting when a boss and company are counting on you, and you failed miserably, chances are you’re going to always (or at least most of the time) equate public speaking to a sense of failure and subsequent disappointment from your boss, co workers or some authority figure at work as a result of your shortcomings.

Naturally, you’re going to want to work toward fixing these issues, and there really are three strong approaches to it. Make sure you undertake a speaking arrangement that you believe in, and know the subject matter well. If you’re not passionate about a speech and you struggle to speak publicly, you’ll likely have a hard time muddling through this particular assignment.

You also want to know your audience and tailor the speech to them in that regard. A group of investors want to know how they’re going to make money on their investment, so you might have to tailor that speech differently than if it was to a group of colleagues in the office.

And no speech is complete without practicing in some for or fashion, even if it’s making a bullet point list and hitting all of them on a few practice rounds.

The majority of individuals aren’t ever going to enjoy public speaking, and will continue to have fear of it overall. That doesn’t mean, however, you can’t come to grips with understanding why you’re having these concerns and work diligently to combat them by taking small, baby steps en route to being an accomplished, above average speaker in public.